X-Force 0W-30 Special V


Volvo VCC 95200377


MITANOL X-Force 0W-30 Special V is a synthetic high-performance low viscosity engine oil. The lowered HTHS viscosity enables fuel savings in the cold start phase and in short-distance traffic.
Guarantees highest engine cleanliness and best wear protection. The product is suitable for use in Volvo passenger cars with the latest efficiency-enhanced Euro 4, 5, 6 engine concepts with or without turbocharger, direct injection, multi-valve or hybrid technology.
MITANOL X-Force 0W-30 Special V guarantees a fuel-saving potential and contributes to the protection of the environment by reducing CO2emissions.

Application notes:

X-Force 0W-30 Special V with the approval VOLVO VCC 95200377 is mandatory for gasoline and diesel engines of the B5, B6, B8, D5 series as well as hybrid drives D8.PHEV as of 2005.

*Comply with the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. | Qualitatively equivalent to EU law, according to the classification/ specification.