85W-90 LS

API GL-5 / LS • MIL-L-2105 C/D • ZF TE-ML 05


MITANOL 85W-90 LS is prescribed for highly stressed hypoid toothed drive axles with self-locking differentials.
MITANOL 85W-90 LS contains special additives to limit slip (limited slip) and prevent noise when driving around bends.

  • special suitability for multi-disc limited slip differentials

  • Excellent corrosion, rust and wear protection

  • low foaming formation

  • neutral to seals and non-ferrous metals

Application notes:

MITANOL 85W-90 LS meets all performance requirements of hypoid gears with multi-disc limited slip differentials. Combined manual and axle transmissions can be supplied as well as vehicles
with transfer cases.
MITANOL 85W-90 LS can also be used in all drive axles with API GL-5 requirements in order to reduce the number of grades.

* meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. The stated values may vary within the usual commercial range.