TDL 80W-90

API GL-5 • API GL-4 • SAE J2360 (Mil-PRF-2105E)

MB 235.0 / MB 235.6, MAN 3343 Typ M, MAN 342 M1/M2, MIL-L-2105D, Scania STO 1:0, Volvo 1273.21 / 1273.10, ZF TE-ML 01, 05A, 07A, 08, 12A/E, 16B/C/D, 17B, 19B, 21A


MITANOL TDL 80W-140 is a HC-synthetic high-performance gear oil for universal use. Characterised by the following properties:

  • Excellent thermal stability

  • High viscosity index

  • Very high shear stability

  • Excellent corrosion protection

  • Extension of oil change intervals

  • Good driving comfort

  • Increased wear protection

Application notes:

MITANOL TDL 80W-140 is suitable for universal use in the complete Total Drive Line, consisting of synchronized and non-synchronized manual transmissions as well as axle and transfer cases in motor vehicles and commercial vehicles. In particular also for transmissions equipped with filter systems. Not for manual transmissions with intarders!

* meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. The stated values may vary within the usual commercial range.