AS 2108-2004 • ASTM D 3306, 4985 • BS6580:2010 • CUNA NC 956-16 • AFNOR NFR 15-601 • JIS K 2234:2206 • SAE J1034 • ÖNORM V 5123 • SANS 1251:2005 • China GB 29743-2013

Audi, Bentley, DAF MAT 74002, Ferrari (>2010), Lamborghini, MB 326.3, Mini BMW LC-07, Porsche, Seat, Setra, Skoda

Also protects:
Alfa Romeo (>2006), Aprilia, Chevrolet (>2001), Chrysler (>2011), Citroen (>1993), Dacia (>2005), Daewoo, Daihatsu (>1979), Deutz DQC CB-14, Dodge (>2011), Fiat (>2005), Ford (>1998), Fuso, Gilera, GMC, Harley-Davidson, Hitachi, Honda (>1983), Honda Motorbike, Hyundai (>1982), Iveco (>01/2014), Jaguar (>1999), Kawasaki, KIA (>1991), KTM, Kymco, Lancia (>2005), Land Rover (>1998), Lexus (>1994), Lotus (>2000), MAN 324 SNF, Mazda (>1977), MB 325.3, Mitsubishi (>1982), MTU MTL 5048, Nissan (>1982), Opel (>2001), Peugeot (>1993), Peugeot Motorbike, Piaggio, Renault (>1995), Renault Truck, Rover (>1982), Saab (>2001), Smart (>11/2014), Subaru (>1977), Suzuki (>1981), Suzuki Motorbike, SYM, TGB, Toyota (>1978), Triumph, Volvo Construction, Volvo Trucks (>2006), VW TL 774 D/F, Yamaha


MITANOL C30 is a radiator protection based on ethylene glycol, free of potentially harmful substances such as nitrites, amines, borates and phosphates. Due to an optimal combination of very stable inhibitors based on silicate-free carboxylic acid technology, MITANOL C30 offers excellent corrosion and cavitation protection for longest coolant life. Further additives prevent the coolant from foaming and prevent deposits. MITANOL C30 offers year-round frost and corrosion protection that is maintenance-free over the entire service life of the
engine. The coolant has no negative influence on coolant hoses or cylinder head gaskets.

Application notes:

MITANOL C30 mixed with the corresponding quantity (distilled water) water is used as a coolant and heat transfer fluid in modern combustion engines, whether engines made of cast iron, aluminium or a combination of both metals. MITANOL C30 is especially recommended for light metal engines where special aluminium protection is required at higher temperatures. An application concentration of 50 vol.% is recommended all year round.
Caution: Observe manufacturer's instructions

*Comply with the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. | Qualitatively equivalent to EU law, according to the classification/ specification.