X-Force 5W-40 RSi


BMW Longlife -01, MB 226.5, MB 229.5, Opel GM-LL-B-025, Porsche A 40, PSA B71 2296, Renault RN0700/ RN0710, VW 502 00/ 505 00


MITANOL X-Force 5W-40 RSi is a synthetic high-performance fuel-efficient engine oil of the SAE class 5W-40. Synthetic components and an innovative additive system tailored thereto ensure compliance with current practical requirements. The significantly improved engine oil quality of MITANOL X-Force 5W-40 RSi is especially reflected in the further improved wear protection and the improved engine cleanliness, even with extended oil change intervals. The extremely low lowtemperature viscosity combined with a safe high-temperature viscosity ensures a high fuel-saving potential.

Application notes:

MITANOL X-Force 5W-40 RSI is suitable as a high-performance, low viscosity engine oil for demanding engines. Recommended for passenger car petrol and diesel engines, including turbo versions and for direct injection engines, under all operating conditions.

*Comply with the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. | Qualitatively equivalent to EU law, according to the classification/ specification.