Multifarm 10W-40

API CG-4 • API GL-4 • ACEA E3 (level) • HVLP-D according to DIN 51 524 part 3 (for 10W40)

Case M5/ 1118 / 1207/ 1209 / MAT3525 / CS / CVX, Claas Renault Agriculture, Valmet (incl. stepless), New Holland NH 410B / 420A / 526 C, Ford M2C159B / M2C86B/C, M2C134D, Same-Deutz-Lamborghini-Hirlimann T3245 / 3340 / 3345 / 3445 / 3450 / 3550, Allison C-4, Fendt Vario, John Deere JDM / J20C / J 27, Massey Ferguson M1135 up to 1145, Landini / Lindner / Mc-Cormick, ZF TE-ML-06B (inc.06R), -06C, -07B, Steyr Serie 900 / 9000 / CVT, Harvester B6


Multifarm 10W-40 is a semi-synthetic base oils and a modern additive system tailored to the high practical requirements ensure that the properties
described below are maintained.

MITANOL Multifarm 10W-40

  • can be used all year round

  • reduces the wear of all aggregates by short oiling times

  • offers high temperature safety

  • lowers fuel and oil consumption, thereby reducing environmental pollution

  • very good dirt carrying capacity and prevents sludge formation

  • extends the life of the engine

  • enables long oil change intervals

Application notes:

Multifarm 10W-40 is the ideal oil for modern tractors. A uniform oil for engines, transmissions and hydraulic systems eliminates mix-ups and makes stockpiling more economical.
MITANOL Multifarm 10W-40 is also suitable for wet brakes and clutches (PTO clutches).

*Comply with the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. | Qualitatively equivalent to EU law, according to the classification/ specification.