Audi / VW Oil No. G 060162 A1 / A2 / A6 ATF, BMW ATF 3+, Oil No. 83 22 2 289 720, Chrysler Oil No. 68157995AA, Honda ATF-Type 3.1.: 08200-9017 (USA), Jaguar Oil No. 02JDE 26444, Land Rover Oil No. LR023288, ZF No. S671 090 312

Suitable for:
6HP19A (*2) - HSL dependent (main parts list), 6HP19X - for Audi Q7, 6HP26A61 - für Fahrzeuge mit Audi W12- Motor (*2), 6HP28AF (*2), 8HP45, 8HP45X, 8HP45HIS, 8HP45XHIS, 8HP50, 8HP50HIS, 8HP50X, 8HP50XHIS;, 8HP55A (*2), 8HP55AHIS (*2), 8HP55FL, 8HP55FLHIS, 8P55AH (*2), 8P55FLH, 8HP70, 8HP70HIS, 8HP70XHIS, 8HP70L, 8HP70X, 8HP75, 8HP75X, 8HP75XHIS, 8HP90, 8HP90A (*2), 8HP90X, 8HP90AHIS (*2), 8HP90A74 (*2), 8HP65APH, 8P75PH, 8P75XPH, 9HP48QXR, 9HP48QXO, 9HP48QX, 9HP48Q

(* 2) Separate oil supply front axle differential:

• Filled front axle differential with Audi / VW oil no. N 052145000,
Porsche 999.917.545.00
• Filling the rear axle center differential gear oil Audi / VW G
055145 A2

Common oil supply front axle differential / rear axle center
• Fill with gear oil Audi / VW G 055 145 A2


• Top quality properties
• High load carrying capacity and extremely wear-reducing
• Superior friction value consistency
• No foam formation
• Lowest evaporation losses
• Excellent low temperature switching behaviour
• Adapted friction coefficient behaviour, for sporty gear changes also
• Excellent oxidation and thermal stability
• Neutral towards common sealing materials

Application notes:

• Specially developed for use in the new ZF 9-speed automatic transmissions.
• Also suitable for ZF 6- and -8-speed automatic transmissions.
• Not suitable for use in DCT/DSG (double clutch) or CVT (Continuously variable automatic transmission) transmissions.
Observe manufacturer's instructions!

*Comply with the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. | Qualitatively equivalent to EU law, according to the classification/ specification.