X-Force 10W-60 Racing


BMW M areas of application, Ferrari


MITANOL X-Force 10W-60 Racing is a synthetic high-performance low viscosity engine oil for the highest performance requirements of supercharged and non-supercharged gasoline and diesel engines in passenger cars. Excellent flow properties guarantee very good cold start behaviour. The exceptional high-temperature stability ensures a highly loadable lubricating film even under the most extreme conditions. Effective additives ensure the finest distribution of combustion residues, soot and dirt particles in the oil and, in combination with
very high ageing stability, reliable protection against black sludge formation and deposits on pistons and intake valves.
MITANOL X-Force 10W-60 Racing can withstand all thermal and mechanical
loads and is characterised by its excellent wear protection.

Application notes:

X-Force 10W-60 Racing is an all-season fuel-economy
oil for car engines under all operating conditions and temperatures, including racing conditions.

*Comply with the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. | Qualitatively equivalent to EU law, according to the classification/ specification.