MB 236.15


Low Viscosity HC-Synthetic Automatic Transmission Fluid

  • Reduced viscosity for maximum fuel economy

  • High load carrying capacity and extremely wear-reducing

  • Superior friction value consistency

  • No foam formation

  • High thermal stability

  • Soft switching operations even at medium temperatures

  • Excellent viscosity-temperature behaviour

  • Excellent oxidation stability

  • Neutral towards common sealing materials

Application notes:

  • Especially for the latest Mercedes-Benz 7-speed automatic transmission 722.9 with code A89, 7-speed automatic transmission hybrid 724.2, transfer gear box type 205, 213, 217, 218, 222, 238, 253, 257, 290 with transmission 725.0 and transfer gear box type 257 with transmission 725.1

  • MB 15 cannot be used in older Mercedes-Benz automatic transmissions and is not backwardly compatible
Observe manufacturer's instructions!

* meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. The stated values may vary within the usual commercial range.