API GL-5 • MIL-L-2105 C/D


MITANOL 85W-140 is produced from selected base oils with additives tailored thereto to prevent tooth flank damage. The EP additives contained in the gear oil form a load-bearing lubricant layer on the tooth flanks, which prevents scuffing wear and considerably reduces abrasion wear even under the highest mechanical load. The gear oil is very stable to ageing even under high thermal stress. The good cold flow properties are due to the high refinement degree of the base oil and the flow improver it contains. The gear oil contains suitable active substances to suppress foaming and the wetted machine parts are protected against corrosive effects.
MITANOL 85W-140 is compatible with the usual sealing materials.

Application notes:

MITANOL 85W-140 is mainly used in highly stressed drive axles with hypoid toothing in commercial vehicles.

* meets the requirements of the OEM manufacturer. The stated values may vary within the usual commercial range.